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Trencher Hire Plays Role In Training Pitch Renovation

Photo 20-05-2021, 11 02 05.jpg

Inscapes, the established sports ground engineering organisation, has extended the irrigation system at the training ground of Second Division Plymouth Argyle F.C., as part of a full renovation of the pitch.


Around 60 metres of trenching was needed to be carried out and Inscapes brought in Trencher Hire UK to undertake the work using a Vermeer RTX250, together with an operator. Inscapes Foreman Charles Smith commented: “We put the original irrigation system in around three years ago and the additional work included the installation of a further three sprinklers.

“The ground was a bit damp and there was a fair amount of shale within it, but the trencher operator was very efficient and completed the work within a couple of hours and we were very pleased with the result. The trenches were dug to a depth of 450mm and around 100mm wide. We installed 65mm pipes and then backfilled with the displaced soil.


“We Korro’d the pitch to remove all the unwanted organic matter from it – this surface removal treatment leaves it flat and even. As part of the pitch renovation, we also undertook the process known as Sand-Banding, which is an efficient way of providing rapid surface drainage and is very good where any areas of ground tend to get waterlogged. Slits are put in the surface every 11” and connects into the lateral drains”, he said.

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