These are pictures from a contractor who hired one of our trenchers to carry out irrigation works on a golf course, near Worcester. They needed to install some 800m of 63mm pipe at a depth of 750mm The contractor was very pleased with the equipment, especially the neatness and speed of the trencher. All in all; the contractor believed the use of the trencher (instead of an excavator) saved him three days work.

Power Supply

These are pictures for a power supply for a robot lawn mower, near Milton Keynes. A new electric supply was required as soon as possible. As the client wanted to minimise disruption to his garden, a trencher was the obvious answer. A trencher was delivered with an operator and works were completed in two hours.

Power Supply & Water

These are pictures from a Barn conversion near Scarborough, North Yorkshire. A new water and electric supply were required without delay. A trencher was the obvious answer, this was delivered and works carried out with operator in one day. The customer was very pleased with the operation.

Cable Laying

When the installation of a new electrical supply is required, the use of a trencher is beneficial in many ways. Trenching depth up to 850mm is easily and constantly achieved. Power companies regulations are satisfied in every way. Backfilling and reinstatement work is fast and neat.


For smaller drainage projects (up to 1 acre) the use of the trencher makes the work easier than an excavator. Only removing the minimum amount of soil saves time and money. The trench floor is clean and tidy ready for the gravel and pipe to be installed. Excess soil is easy to remove or spread as it is macerated in the trenching process. A trencher is faster than an excavator making it more economical and efficient in all aspects of drainage.

Hedge Planting

When using a trencher for either single or double hedge laying, there is no quicker, neater or efficient way to achieve this. With a small team, trenching, planting, staking, Rabbit proofing and back filling, up to 1000m can easily be achieved per day.

Garden Lighting

When installing garden lighting and disruption and reinstatement are a priority, then a trencher is the answer. Tracked machines spread the weight leaving very little imprint. Narrow 4” trench leaving reinstatement to a minimum. Fast and efficient giving completion of works in rapid time.

Flood Lighting

When installing flood light cable for a sports pitch, there is no better or quicker way than using a trencher. Accurate straight lines to an even depth, throughout the length required. Open trenching makes jointing at the lighting posts easier. Trench lines are easily backfilled due to the maceration of removed soil allowing quick and neat reinstatement.