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Terms and Conditions


All hire contracts entered into by Inscapes Hire  shall be totally subject to the conditions contained or referred to in this quotation and/or specification, combined with our standard conditions of hire and sale.


Quotations are open for acceptance within a period of thirty days from date of quotation. All hire prices quoted assume that hire periods are complete within 60 days of quotation date. We reserve the right to re-negotiate quoted rates after this time. Unless otherwise agreed full Pro Forma payment is required for orders to be processed and machines reserved.


VAT will be charged at current appropriate rates at time of invoicing.


All invoices will be due for payment before hire period commences.


Upon completion of the booking process, no refunds will be implied or offered in relation to cancellation of agreed hire periods.

No refunds will be implied or offered for reduction in duration of agreed hire periods. 


It is assumed that the client has contacted their local authority and that all relevant planning permissions have been obtained.


It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that ground conditions are suitable for the chosen method of trenching. No provision has been made for the lifting or reinstatement of turf, separation of soil types, or subsequent subsidence.



Client will be charged for any damage caused to machinery whilst in their possession and a cleaning charge will apply if machinery is returned in soiled condition.


Inscapes Hire  will not be held responsible for the damage and or subsequent cost relating to the damage of or that caused by any underground obstacle, pipe work, service or drain which has not been directly identified, marked and exposed by the client and/or service provider.

Inscapes Hire  will not be held responsible for acts of god or nature, and reserve the right to claim additional costs relating to such instances, including delays to the progress of any project hindered by unsuitable weather or ground conditions.

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