Trenchers for Hire

We specialise in trenchers for hire, which find great use in the electrical, plumbing, building and landscaping industries.

Here at Trencher Hire UK we love Walk-Behind Trenchers, as they are fast, powerful, simple to operate, and easy to steer.

Trencher features include:

  • Heavy-duty frames

  • Components that stand up to the toughest site conditions

  • Chains, teeth and sprockets that are specially designed to work together to provide exceptional productivity

  • Last longer than any other digging system

  • High quality engines

  • All-hydraulic steering increases manoeuvrability and reduces operator fatigue

  • All controls including engine throttle, chain engagement, and boom lift—are grouped conveniently at the operator’s station

Toro TRX-20
Engine: Kawasaki® FS481V, V-Twin
Fuel: Petrol
Max. Trenching Depth: 850mm
Trenching Width Max: 100mm
Speed (Fwd): 273ft/min
Speed (Rev): 132ft/min
Ditch Witch RT24
Engine: Honda 22.3-hp (16.6-kW)
Fuel: Petrol
Max. Trenching Depth: 850mm
Trenching Width Max: 100mm
Speed (Fwd): 243ft/min
Speed (Rev): 97ft/min
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Toro TRX20 Trenching system, has tracks instead of wheels. Simplicity instead of complexity, combined with an easy-to-use control system - provide maneuverability, all while offering operational performance.

Ditch Witch® Digging systems feature the industry’s longest-lasting cupped digging tooth, DuraTooth™, which improves productivity and reduces downtime. Outboard bearing support stabilizes and supports the head shaft and auger, for reliable productivity trench after trench. Auger drive system eliminates need for sheer bolts on the auger and simplifies changing sprockets and digging chains. Special trail wheel supports the tracks to increase stability over uneven and rough terrain and reduce break over when loading and unloading; trail wheel is designed with more weight on the digging chain to put more product in the ground faster.

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