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Trencher Hire UK Given Top Marks For Customer Service

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Sam Greaves, who is developing a log cabin site in the heart of the magnificent Rossendale Valley in Lancashire, has praised the professionalism and quality of the work carried out by Trencher Hire UK on his behalf.


He hired a TRX-525 Dingo - with operator - to ‘dig-out’ a 350-metre trench to a depth of 600mm, to enable the laying of electrical cabling to serve three new high-spec luxury log cabins being built  around a fishing lake.

 “I contacted Trencher Hire UK about doing the work and they were brilliant – providing me with a date for the following week. Just one long trench was needed and, whilst the topsoil wasn’t too bad, it was quite rocky in parts and the operator did a brilliant job, taking just half a day to complete it.


“We then laid some large capacity cables – which will also be able to serve another of our sites adjacent to this one. Then, it took just half an hour for the trencher to neatly backfill the soil over the pipes. A month later the grass had regrown over it,” he said.


Follow the development’s progress @crownlodges on Facebook. Facilities include: premium kitchens, free standing baths and hot tubs.

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