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Trencher Hire Delivers Fast and Professional Service

A Toro Dingo TX525 - with operator – ‘dug-out’ 250 metres of trenches on a private estate in Berkshire in just two and a half hours.


The machine, equipped with trencher attachment, created the channels to enable cable to be laid down and facilitate the installation of lighting by an area of mature trees.

Estate Manager Matthew Cook commented: “About a year and a half ago I staged a party in the same spot and used temporary lights for the occasion. The decision to light the area on a permanent basis was taken by my boss recently.


“I’ve dug out many trenches by hand, but never with a machine. The operator created a 500mm deep and four inches wide channel, with about 200 metres of this comprising winding trenching. This is a big estate with a lot of old trees which include oaks and copper beeches.


“The service from Trencher Hire UK was ‘value for money’ and I will definitely use them again. The operator was excellent and really helpful,” he said.

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