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Cable/Pipe Plows for Hire

Vibratory Mole Plows are the quick, efficient and tidy solution to cable and pipe

laying needs. If you need to lay power supplies, water pipes, fibre optics, irrigation

systems, then the answer is one of our vibratory mole plow units.

When it comes to laying services, why use a slow, cumbersome and messy excavator, when you could be using a quick, low footprint and easy to manoeuvre mole plow.

Vibro plows are part of the Trencher Hire Toro TX525 fleet and are supplied complete with suitable cable/pipe blades, cable socks and towing heads.

Quick and easy trenchless installation of SWA cables, fibre optic cables and/or water pipes & ducts up to 50mm diameter, all to a maximum cover depth of 450mm. See

it in action in this clip:

All of our units are available as self-drive or with an operator.

Plow features include:

  • Heavy-duty frames

  • Components that stand up to the toughest site conditions

  • Hardened steel specifically designed and manufactured blades, designed to work better to provide exceptional productivity.

  • Quicker and tidier than trenching

  • High quality engines

  • All-hydraulic steering increases manoeuvrability and reduces operator fatigue.

  • All controls including engine throttle, plow engagement, and boom lift—are grouped conveniently at the operator’s station.

Toro TX525 with Vibro Plow
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