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Trencher Hire Ticks All The Right Boxes!

Despite a drainage expert attempting to fix the ongoing waterlogging of a large lawn in Lenzie near Glasgow, the problem remained largely unsolved.


For homeowner John Currie, drastic action was needed to rectify the situation and he decided that cutting a series of trenches out across his lawn would provide the solution.

A Toro TRX525 Dingo with trencher attachment made short work of cutting out four main trenches - with lots of offshoots - totalling 300m in length and to a depth of 500mm. John commented: “The work was carried out in under four hours and was completed far quicker than I expected and the service was excellent.”



Photo 30-03-2021, 12 49 19.jpg
Photo 30-03-2021, 12 54 01.jpg
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