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Trencher Hire UK Helps Solve Major Drainage Problem

When a previous attempt to rectify a serious drainage problem at a house in Warrington failed, insurers called in Urban Landscapes to undertake a full site investigation and come up with a plan to remedy this.


Part of the solution was to call in Trencher Hire UK to dig-out a trench stretching 300 metres around the perimeter of the garden and to a depth of 600mm using a TRX-525 Dingo.

Photo 21-06-2021, 11 57 01.jpg
Photo 21-06-2021, 12 03 01.jpg
Photo 21-06-2021, 11 56 52.jpg
Photo 21-06-2021, 12 03 20.jpg

Urban Landscapes Commercial Development Manager Glynne Mingaud commented: “The house was surrounded by open fields on higher ground and the water filtering down from there was a major factor in the horrendous waterlogging of the garden – it was amongst the worst we had come across. We measured the level of rainfall in in the area over a period of 12 months and recorded an annual average rainfall of around 920mm.


“Surface water was going into a water tank and also a foul tank, but the existing drainage ditch was failing to take it away. The water was backing up, resulting in the client’s land being subject to heave, leading to undulations across the back lawn. We installed an aqua crate soakaway system within the existing drainage ditch outside the house, as part of the solution. The installation of slope drainage was crucial to reduce the level of groundwater, enabling excess water to run off without causing further problems.


“To take the rainwater away we installed a land rain system around the perimeter of the garden and, from that, we put in a main carrier, with laterals running off it, covering the surface area of the lawn which was around 1,000 square metres. Water ultimately ran off to an existing calvert.


“We continue to come back to Trencher Hire UK because they are good at what they do and this job was completed in just half a day. We couldn’t have done it with a mini-digger as fast as they can do it with a trencher,” he said.

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