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Obstacles Overcome And Work Completed on Schedule

A Toro TX525 Dingo with trencher attachment - hired out with an operator - has cut a swathe of trenches across two fields to allow the installation of automatic watering for livestock, as well as irrigation purposes.

Mike Taylor, of Shenfield Mill Farm in Theale, Berkshire, keeps 20 sheep on the 10 acres of land.

He commented: “The trenches all link together and cover 750 metres in total. We have segmented the two fields into sectors so that I can rotate the flock through the various areas.

“The operator was very friendly and accommodating, completing the work within the allotted two days. He did a neat and very effective job and was able to find a way around any issues we had. Whilst much of the ground was straightforward, there were minor issues to face including stones and bricks buried around the field. It was also a bit complicated when crossing the paths to put a trench through what was left. We even came across some ancient lead piping!”


Photo 19-04-2021, 14 37 58.jpg
Photo 20-04-2021, 11 22 00.jpg
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