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Christopher Praises Trencher Hire UK Service

When Matthew Iggo hired a Toro TX525 Dingo with Vibro Plow Head to lay fibre optic cable on a large farm estate in Warwickshire, the performance of the machine exceeded all his expectations.


The trencher comfortably laid 1,400 metres of cable over two days, running from an existing fibre point, past some farm outbuildings and through fields, before being connected-up with two other properties.

Matt Iggo 1.jpeg

Matthew, Network Delivery Manager for fibre optic internet provider 1310, commented: “Using a digger for this job was out of the question – it would have damaged the crops. The Vibro Plow Head fed the cable through perfectly, creating a 300mm deep slit that was ½” wide and therefore requiring no back-filling.
The clay soil conditions were pretty good, although there were some small tree roots contained within it. It would not have been possible to have undertaken the job within budget without using this trencher – it saved so much time. A digger would have really messed up the ground and backfilling would have been a really laborious task.
“Dealing with Trencher Hire UK was a really good customer experience all round and we will be using them for other projects that we have coming up. Steve Kingdom was brilliant to deal with and very approachable. He is really knowledgeable and talked through the job itself and recommended the right machine for the application.”

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