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Trencher Powers Impresses

A Toro TRX20 supplied by Trencher Hire - with operator - made short work of cutting a 600 metres long trench at Trap Ground Allotment in Oxford.

The work was carried out in preparation for the installation of a new watering system at the site containing 120 allotment plots located by Port Meadow and Burgess Fields. Allotment holder Mike Godley commented: “The trencher operator did an extremely good job, quickly cutting a 100mm wide and 600mm deep channel.

“Our members all piled in to lay the water pipes and install the water tank, which is sitting on top of a shipping container. Water from an underground aquifer is pumped into the tank, which feeds into around 30 cattle feeding troughs around the allotment, each with a tap and float.”

The allotment site was used as a municipal refuse tip prior to the first world war and part of the site was still tipped in the 1950s. A large amount of garden soil was brought in from horse drawn carts from various sites in Oxford to cap the tip.





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