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Trencher Impresses Undertaking Groundwork For Irrigation System


A trenching machine with operator made short work of digging out 70 metres of trench to enable an irrigation system to be installed to serve a vegetable patch on the back lawn of a home in Cheltenham.


Paul Jagla, of Little Rissington, said that he also wanted the water feed system to be extended to a second terrace, which had been established in another area of the one-acre garden. A Toro Dingo TX-525 wide track with trencher attachment was used to create the 300mm deep and 100mm wide trenches and the work was completed in around one and a half hours.

He commented: “The service from Trencher Hire UK was very good and I am very pleased with the result. I’ve subsequently laid down primary feed pipework to other areas of the garden for future use.


“We’ve got an old barnyard that has a crushed Cotswold stone topping and a trench needed to be cut out there and the ground underneath proved to be very tough going, but the operator was able to comfortably deal with it.”

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