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Customer Rates Trencher Hire UK Service Highly

Photo 23-04-2021, 09 56 42.jpg
Photo 23-04-2021, 09 56 20.jpg

Never again will Electrical Contracting Manager James Mann go down the route of using a small digger to create a trench, or a team digging it out, after hiring a trenching machine with operator from Trencher Hire UK.

In the space of just 40 minutes, a Dingo TX-525 wide track machine dug-out an 80-metre long, 450mm deep and 4” wide trench along the outer perimeter of a sports pitch to enable cable to be laid to provide an electrical supply to a CCTV camera.

James, who works for Grantham Electrical Engineering, commented: “Digging this trench using shovels would have taken a small team a couple of days.  In the past we have used small diggers for this kind of work, but the tracks chew up the ground.

“Using a trencher was clean, and we were able to backfill easily. We will definitely be using Trencher Hire UK in the future.”

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